How do you go from the product vision to a product backlog, engage a team in the process of building features, solicit feedback, and adjust your strategy to optimize results? This 2-day interactive course teaches you the essential knowledge to work as a Product Owner.

The Product Owner creates the product vision, sets the product goal, and leads the effort to transform the vision into a successful product. The Product Owner steers and guides the Scrum team, bridges the gap between customers, business and development, and is responsible for reaching the product goal and return on investment (ROI).

Through simulations, workshops and exercises, you will learn how you can leverage Scrum to optimize value creation and customer satisfaction. You will learn how to create a product vision, create and manage the product backlog, prioritize the product backlog, create a realistic release plan, and progressively refine requirements. As a Product Owner, your responsibility is to ensure value is delivered early and often. This course will provide you the knowledge and understanding to support, advocate, and implement incremental product delivery.

Scrum transforms the way work gets done, and the Product Owner plays a key role in transforming the business to support regular delivery of value to customers.


Using a combination of interactive presentations, problem-solving exercises, and team-structured simulations, the workshop will enable participants to:

    • Generate rapid results using the core principles, strategies, and practices of Scrum

    • Focus the Team on the vision

    • Hold together a coalition of stakeholders

    • Develop just-in-time requirements

    • Incorporate real-time information to improve planning, estimation, and delivery

    • Engage the Scrum Development Team to optimize results

    • Leverage the facilitation and leadership skills of the ScrumMaster


  • Overview of Scrum

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Essential Product Owner

  • Building the Product Backlog

  • Creating and Maintaining the Release Plan

  • Sprinting with the Team

  • Scaling Strategies

  • Metrics and Reporting

Who should Attend

Product Owners, product managers, project managers, customers, stakeholders, business analysts, and ScrumMasters who wish to learn how to use Scrum to achieve rapid results

Optional 3rd Day Open Space (for on-site workshops)

Set the stage for improvement through this optional facilitated open space day. Designed to transform what was learned in the workshop into pragmatic, relevant action, the open space format activates self-organization within the participants to identify, prioritize and plan process improvements.Learn how to lead your teams using Scrum and to lead change in your organization. If helping individuals and teams on a journey of continual improvement and helping customers get what they need rapidly is your passion, this class is for you.